Neon Equation SERIES 

The Neon Equation Series gathers formulas meant to elegantly describe the nature of the universe, yet are impenetrable to most lay-people. Neon was selected as the medium to make light of the complexity, as it were, and also poke a bit of fun at the art world's uncharacteristically uncritical acceptance of neon works as art. Krypton is a very finicky noble gas, and the electric current causes bubbles and flickering through the glass tubes. It was selected for its inconsistency, as well  as for its natural color. 

Krypton Relativity, 2015. 15 x 74 x 4 inches. Edition of 3. Currently on view at MASS MoCA through April 2017.  (Left and right images: Rachel Sussman. Center image Tony Luong.)

Works in Progress: Neon Drake and Neon Singularity