Sidewalk Kintsukuroi expands on the traditional Japanese art of Kintsukuroi (“to repair with gold;” performed on ceramics) taking it, literally, out into the streets.  At the heart of the idea of such “golden repair” is that something is made more beautiful for having been broken.

The studies are photographs hand-painted with enamel and metallic dust. They are all 8.5 x 11" editions of 3 with two APs, priced at $1500, unframed. The in-ground installations are made with tree sap-based resin, and a combination of bronze and 23.5 carat gold dust. You may submit inquires here for both works on paper and installations. 



Installations acquired by and on view at the AKRON ART MUSEUM and the  DES MOINES ART CENTER (both featured in "Alchemy: Transformations in Gold", as well as past installations at NOW SPACE LA and MASS MoCA.