(Selected) History of the Spacetime Continuum:

A site-specific handwritten timeline of the universe in the MASS MoCA Explode Every Day exhibition, "(Selected) History of the Spacetime Continuum" begins before the Big Bang, and extends 10 to the 100 billion years into the future. Conceptually, I’m weaving together astrophysics, geology, biology, mathematics, archeology, history, Einsteinian relativism, and chronocriticism—the study of time itself. The piece employs handwriting—and is peppered with humor, not to mention glitter—to highlight the individual, human attempt to make sense of our time and place in the universe.

Paint, chalk markers, glitter. Approximate dimensions: 120 feet long by  x 12 feet high. On view through March 19, 2017. (Photo credits: Rachel Sussman, Charles Lindsay, Tony Luong.)